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Safe for all ages. Kills all strains of lice...

TLC Shampoo Kills all super lice - 100% safe and effective.
Stop the madness here!

  • Do you feel that lice has taken over your home?
  • Have you spent hundreds of dollars in gimmicks?
  • Do you want to cry every time you find new headlice and eggs?
  • Did you try other shampoos and still have head lice?

Total Lice Control Shampoo...
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Killing super lice since 1997!
Trust the original, trust TLC Shampoo!

Is Lice Making you Miserable?
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School Lice Outbreak!

Be prepared and order the safest and most effective choice. We have been featured in several TV shows. Our lice shampoo really works and it kills all head lice!

Total Lice Control shampoo provides an alternative lice shampoo that contains no harsh chemicals and does not pose a threat to your family or the environment. Recommended since 1997 by doctors, school nurses, nursing homes, crisis centers, and pharmacists and by you. Families that have used our product remain our loyalist advocates.

Head lice can persist for weeks and in some cases months if you don't get the nits out. This is the problem many families face. Our family was faced with this very situation until finding the formula for what became Total Lice Control Shampoo.

The biggest problem in dealing with head lice is getting the nits out of the hair. They are very small and close to the scalp. Lice eggs (nits) hatch approximately 7 days after being laid. Using an effective and safe shampoo which can be used daily allows the time needed to comb out the nits.

Total Lice Shampoo will get rid of all lice! Get it right the first time and use a product that is safe, proven to work and will get rid of all lice!

TLC Lice Shampoo can be delivered to your doorstep by
ordering on this website through our secure ordering system.

If you live in the Greater Phoenix area please visit our Locations page for a place near you to pick up TLC Shampoo.

TLC Lice Shampoo is Guaranteed to kill all types of head lice!

It kills lice on kids of all ages and it is a natural lice shampoo for kids and people of all ages, even babies!

Here are a few facts about lice:lice combout faq

  • Head Lice do not fly or jump. Lice are spread easily from person to person by direct contact.
  • Only humans get lice. They need human blood to survive.
  • A clean head can get lice. Hair full of lice does not mean a dirty hair. Anyone can get lice regardless how clean they are, or how many times they wash their hair.
  • Not every one that has lice itches.
  • Lice do not fly, they crawl, they can walk across a room!
  • Some people do not get lice. Just like some people do not get bitten by mosquitoes.
  • According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 6 million to 12 million people worldwide get head lice every year. That is a lot of people!

Lice Shampoos should not be made with pesticides! Why would you put pesticides in your child's hair?

According to Deborah Altschuler, president of the American National Pediculosis Association, it makes no sense to shampoo a child with a pesticide. Especially since several serious diseases including Leukemia have been linked to Pesticide shampoos.

Not all Lice Shampoo is made the same way, some are laden with pesticides that have been proven to harm your health and still not kill the lice.

If you purchased the ones available at the nearest Pharmacy, read the warnings and the ingredients and you will see how harmful they can be. Most of those shampoos cannot be used on a daily basis.

Do not put your child's life at risk!

We guarantee our Lice Shampoo is 100% safe and effective against all strains of lice, yet it is safe for all ages and can be used daily. Even on babies that are 6 months old...

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us!

If someone in your house has head lice then you have come to the right place! Order lice shampoo

Total Lice Control Shampoo is the best solution to the lice problem. It will kill all lice strains!

Remember: TLC Lice Shampoo is 100% safe for daily use and 100% effective.

TLC kills all super lice...guaranteed!

Lice Removal - The tools you need to remove lice

Using the right lice shampoo is a must! Why would you want to use anything else? Total Lice Control Shampoo comes with a lice comb and easy to follow instructions that once you follow, all lice will be safely killed. TLC shampoo also guarantees that all lice on the treated hair will be killed! Have any questions about lice removal? Contact us and we can help!

Why are lice so hard to eliminate?

It is not hard if you have the right shampoo. Try Total Lice Control Shampoo today and see for yourself why we guarantee our shampoo will kill all lice. Every strain of head lice will be killed while you and your health will be protected. With all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals Total Lice Control Shampoo is the best lice shampoo choice for people of all ages.

Are you ready for Back to School?

School is back and with that you can count on the lice infestations appearing at a school near you! What can your family do at the first sight or first head scratch? Call us and order your "guaranteed to work" shampoo!

Remember Total Lice Shampoo is GUARANTEED to work. The instructions are simple to follow and the shampoo is 100% safe. Even young children will not be harmed, only the lice!

Total Lice Control Shampoo

Quick Facts:

• Kills ALL strains of head lice, even super lice
• Safe for ALL ages, even babies
• Made with ALL natural, no harsh chemicals
• Guaranteed to work!

Get ready for the lice season, order on our website through our secure ordering system.

TLC Shampoo and our Comb out Services have been featured on:

- Good Morning Arizona
- Sonoran Living
- Your Life A to Z
- Channel 12 Weekend
- Raising Arizona Kids
- KTAR Radio
- AZ Republic Newspapers

I love the fact that TLC Lice Shampoo works. That it does not contain harmful chemicals found in commercial products and that it is safe for all my kids to use.

- Lori, Mother of 3

Back to school is here and last year I kept my sanity thanks to Total Lice Shampoo. This year, if the nits come back I will be ready...Total Lice Shampoo will kill all lice!

- Claudia Mother of 2

When Tyler got lice, we all panicked here. I had heard from friends how hard the lice removal process was and I was very afraid...Then I asked Tyler's school and they had heard of your product and told me that your shampoo killed all lice and made the lice removal process easier and safer. I tried it and they were right! No more lice! I feel great that Tyler is safe and lice free! Thank you!

-Mary Ellen B. W., mother of 1

As a mother of 5, my children’s well-being is my number one priority.  Recently, there was an outbreak of lice at my oldest 3 children’s school.  I was totally unprepared to deal with this nuisance.  I had no personal experience with lice from my childhood, nor did I know of anyone who had.  Thank goodness another parent at the school referred me to Total Lice Shampoo.

- Julie, Mother of 5

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Very Easy Directions

Your shampoo is like gold. The directions are very easy. You take the guess work out of what I am to do. I never hesitate to pass on your name to my friends when they confide in me that their kids have brought home lice.  I just pass on my “just in case” bottle of TLC Shampoo so that they can get started immediately.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Linda, mother of 3

Total Lice Control Louse and Lice Shampoo is safe and effective for all ages.

Even if your child is six months old you can safely use our Lice Shampoo daily!

We guarantee all the lice will be killed!

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